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Windows 2003 Server R2 SP2 Enterprise Edition (x86)Size: 594.19 MB

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Install Notes:

*This is a “Corporate” version with a legit key. That means no activations after installation, and it passes all current WPA, WGA and Windows Update checks.

This was originally posted by inuyasha5891 over here:

However, this operating system NEVER was originally released on DVD, and it is NOT intended to be burned as such, It’s supposed to be a 700mb standard CD image.

There fore, i’ve re-nlite’d his download, and removed all non-english keyboard and language support, and brought it down to 600mb and it now fits on a standard cd image, as the OS is intended to be.

The cd-key is slip-streamed into it, and this package comes with Sp2 pre-loaded.

Nothing else was added to this.

I’ve mounted the image with MagicISO and run a virus scan through it with AVG set to “Scan all files” and the result is here:

The default Administrator account password is “atomic” without quotes.

Click here to download the torrent

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