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SageFrame a powerful ASP.NET CMS

SageFrame Overview

SageFrame is a powerful Content Management System (CMS) built on top of ASP.NET. Its inclusive feature helps you develop rich, attractive and secure websites at no time. Simply put, SageFrame is a rapid site builder.

From an end-user’s perspective, SageFrame is a dynamic workplace that provides users a conducive environment to add and manage content easily and efficiently. SageFrame has an interface that is consistent, and functionalities that work across multiple pages.

On using SageFrame for your web development, you can, not only gain benefits of a CMS that is easy to use, but also an ability to create your own custom applications. Similarly, you can use applications and modules developed by other users. SageFrame’s plug and play modular architecture enables you to plug a desired module into your system and acquire the required feature instantly.

Additionally, with the extensive use of jQuery, and the drag-drop widget feature, SageFrame will keep you so captivated that you’ll love to play with your site, for hours – unaware. SageFrame 2.0 is sure to give your site the added dynamics over its competitors. Seriously!

What’s new in SageFrame 2.0 ?

  • Single Click Install

    SageFrame installation wizard comes with single click installation allowing users to create database right from the front-end. You can set permissions on files and folders through a click on check boxes. You can use a single click to choose a default template from several options available. This will also enhance the visual appeal of your site and imparts a personality to it.

  • Customizable Dashboard

    You can use SageFrame dashboard to select the pre-configured portal details and customize your pages. By default, SageFrame C-Panel includes Dashboard, Portal information panel, Collapsible multimode sidebar and Dynamic quick links which are totally customizable. It also empowers you to control every module from the dashboard itself; making it user-friendly.

  • Templating

    SageFrame design is easy to theme. Its flexibility enables you to customize each page layout easily. Templating features include –

    • Drag and drop modules
    • Dynamic positions
    • XML and multiple layout
    • Handheld device support

    Learn More →

  • Page Management

    SageFrame’s robust and flexible page management system helps you manage admin and portal pages all from the same place.

    • Jquerified page management
    • Create pages and assign modules
    • Manage admin and portal pages from the same place
    • Set page permissions from ‘Pages’ tab itself
    • Reorder pages through ‘drag’ and ‘drop’
    • Meta tags can be defined for each page
    • Option to include the page in the menu

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  • Module Management

    SageFrame employs plug and play architecture. You can plug a certain module and obtain the required feature in your site easily and instantly. Can’t find a module to suffice your needs? You can always create one and add it to SageFrame.

    • Template based wire frame with modules
    • Change module positions easily by ‘drag’ and ‘drop’
    • Inline module editor
    • Manage module for admin layouts and handheld devices from the same place
    • Customize each page with various modules

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  • Menu Manager

    Menu manager in SageFrame is in itself a separate module that can be set portal wise and is styled in multiple ways.

    • Choose from multiple menu types such as horizontal menu, css menu footer menu and so on.
    • Build a menu out of admin pages for admin purposes
    • Set up portal wise menu
    • Pages now are a part of menu
    • Include external links and custom html content into the menu as well

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  • SEO Extension

    Major SEO tools such as URL re-writing, URL routing, Search Engine friendly URL etc have all been covered by SageFrame CMS. You can use SEO extension feature of SageFrame to

    • Set up Google analytics
    • Generate XML sitemap and submit to various search engines in the same go
    • Generate robots and submit to search engines instantly

    Learn More →

  • Module Message Manager

    Module message manager in SageFrame CMS lets you customize messages which are displayed along with the modules. Module Message Manager   shows custom module messages in an information bar either at the top or bottom of the page.

    Learn More →

  • Template File Manager

    SageFrame’s file manager makes it possible to edit and upload files, and create and delete folders from your SageFrame control panel.  It helps to

    • To navigate easily
    • Add new files and folders
    • Supports inline file editing

  • Dashboard Information Panel

    SageFrame’s dashboard information panel helps you use and manage your site by providing live feeds of SageFrame user guides, news, module list and blogs. SageFrame dashboard is clutter free and user friendly.

  • Module Packager

    Module packager is an utility that creates a SageFrame automatic manifest file in to a Zip file.

    You can edit the manifest file before packaging, and add any other files to the package that your module needs to work properly in a SageFrame environment.

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