Monthly Archives: October 2010

50 Open Source Tools to Make Your Life Easier

PRODUCTIVITY Chandler – An information management application for personal use or small group collaboration. Includes integrated calendaring, data organization tools, and allows backup and data sharing via web access. Tomboy – A cross-platform note-taking application packed with features text highlighting, font styling, inline spellchecking, and more. BasKet Note Pads – More than just a note-taking […]

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How to change your Volume License (VL) key with Windows Server 2003 or R2

Recently I wanted to install R2 on a Volume License copy of Windows Server 2003. When I tried our R2 key the system denied that the key was valid and would not install. Darn it, what key did they use to install? How can I tell? Q article 889713 gave me the clue (though this […]

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